About the Author


Growing up in a large family in Toronto, Ontario, Deborah Elsmore entertained her siblings with her stories on the long drive up to their cottage in Muskoka. She has been doodling and drawing and making up stories ever since. Deborah lives with her husband, Joe, in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. They have three children and immensely enjoy their three grandchildren.
A retired Educational Assistant, Deborah credits and appreciates her membership in writing groups like the Writers Community of Durham Region, CANSCAIP and The Word Guild for the help and support she needed to fulfill her dream of writing and illustrating children’s books.


About the Children of Blessing Trust:

Author Deborah Elsmore decided to donate the proceeds from THE BOY WHO SWALLOWED A FISH to the Children of Blessing Trust after founder Kathy Bowler came to speak at her church. The foundation was created to support children with disabilities and other disadvantaged children in Lilongwe Malawi. Learn more about this worthy charity by visiting the website: www.thrivemalawi.ca


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